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My 10 Daily Sounds

For this assignment I was supposed to record 10 sounds from my every day life.

I found this very challenging. My first thought was, my life isn’t interesting enough to record. What sounds do mean? So put it in the front my mind and went about my day and tried to make note of sounds around. I had a small recorder but I didn’t have the cord to attach it to my computer so i resolved to just use the mic on my laptop. My laptop has been my most essential digital media tool through out the years. I really don’t give it enough credit.

So the first sound i noticed was my clocks. I want a clock in every room in my house. Part of my control issues. i like to keep a close watch on time. but if you hold still, you can hear 5 clocks all ticking away at the same time. And once you hear it, its hard to UN-hear.

The next sound I heard was a noise everyone hears everyday. The Toilet. Like most people, I do my best thinking in the bathroom.

The next sound that I came across was my own Text noise. It was the next noise I heard because duh, who doesn’t text on the toilet. If you say you don’t, YOU’RE LYING!

I do this thing when I am alone. If I’m thinking and i have an “AH-HA” moment, I snap my fingers. I try not to do it in public. People look at me funny. So of course while I’m thinking of sounds, the next sound I hear is me snapping.

Then I did the dished. Lots of sound there.

Im one of those people who loses her keys a lot. Im just never thinking about them when i set them down so I can never remember where they are. I need a key bowl or a hook or something. So finding my keys is a typical sound.

I got one of those K-cup coffee pots for Christmas. I love it! Its not a quite coffee pot by any means, but I just can get over the convenience of it.

I have a pretty large shoe collection. Granted I don’t wear heels EVERYDAY, the sound of them on my wood floor is pretty typical.

And if I’m wearing heels, there is a good chance wine is involved. And sometimes beer.

Another sound I hear everyday is my neighbors dogs barking all the damn time. but i didnt feel right walking up to their cage to record them barking. Also I would have looked like a HUGE weirdo to my neighbor.




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This week…

I did a lot of work on my Black History posters. I have been using Photoshop to make my posters but we had that big discussion in class about typography. Maybe I should switch programs to illustrator.

I am really enjoying all of the daily creates. A lot of them are funny and off the wall. I wanna meet who ever comes up with those. I recently did the one about the blue screen of death. I had a great time scrolling through some of the ones people created. People really are hilarious.

I am gonna have tough time figuring out how to do the sounds with sound cloud. I haven’t spent that much time on the site yet. I’m still working on using twitter. I have some ideas of what I want to do for my sounds.

I have been looking for a podcast that I enjoy…Still looking. Haha!

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Create Your Own Blue Screen Of Death

Create Your OWn Blue Screen Of Death

A blue screen of death is what you see when your computer crashes and you essentially have no hope of saving it

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February 18, 2013 · 8:49 pm

Draw a picture of a Place you Never want to go back to.

Draw a picture of a Place you Never want to go back to.

Grave Yards at Night. I Hate Them. Not Doing it Ever again.

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February 18, 2013 · 8:33 pm

No Media?

Media fast

-The Before-

I woke up the morning that I was going to do the Media Fast and my first feeling was dread. No media meant no cell phone and that was going to be the hardest part for me. Its not that I need to be in constant contact with people but the thought of being unreachable made my throat tighten. I live alone and my mother would be traveling that night and all of my other family was out of town. The “what ifs: began to close in on me as I began texting all of my parents, telling them what I was going to be doing. They were all unconcerned and told me to have fun with it. “FUN?!?!” You people are sick.

I read that there was now a documented medical phobia for a person who is afraid to be without their cell phone. When I first heard this, I laughed. I thought how ridiculous, but has I stood there with my finger on the power button, I thought to my self, “Oh God, I’m one of those people!”

THAT was a scary thought. I don’t think even my parents generation knows how to communicate or function with out At LEAST a land-line phone. Families are much more spread out these days and due to the ease of transportation and technology, communicating is not a problem. Are we prepared for the day when it does become a problem? If the global network goes down for as little as a day, the wide spread panic would be astronomical.

Of course I’m am sanding there contemplating the fate of the free world if the network goes down, while trying to get the nerve to turn off my phone. I felt kind of silly. It is only 24 hours. After a short encouraging conversation with a good friend, and after calling my mom, I shut off my phone. I never knew my house was so quite…

-The First Hour-

I didn’t even make it the first hour before I started singing to myself to fill the silence. My phone was off and sitting on the table, staring at me. In hindsight maybe I should have put it in a place where I couldn’t see it. I kept walking by it, staring, like it was a big cupcake that I shouldn’t eat but really wanted to. I did the dishes while singing “Misery” by maroon5 and then laughed at my own irony.  I was starting to have fun. I sang other love songs to my phone to see how many would fit and I laughed for like 20 minutes. I sang “No Air” by Jordan Sparks. “How am I supposed to breath no air? Its how it feels when ever you aren’t there” It was at this point I decided I was a weirdo. But oh well!


I couldn’t take the silence so I went to my mom’s house to see if some one would entertain me, they wouldn’t, so I went to work early. We are not allowed to have our cell phones on us while we are at work, but of course all of us do. We just sneak off to a secluded spot to check our phones. I left my phone in the car this time because it was off. The restaurant was really busy so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about my phone or media. A few times some one would try to trip me up and they would ask what the score of the game was or to look at something on their phone. I just told people “I Cant”. Most people left it at that but the few people that asked me why got stupid answers. I didn’t feel like explaining the assignment to everyone so I just said things like “I gave up screens for lint” or “I’m allergic to it”. People knew I wasn’t serious but they let it go. Even though I didn’t have my phone on me, I kept searching for it in my apron. Kept thinking of when I was going to find time to go look at my phone, then I remembered I didn’t have it.

-That Night-

I decided to have my girlfriends over for some beers after work so I would have something to distract me. It was really difficult to convince them to not turn on the music. They thought it was funny. But I put up a good fight. So what do those dirty fighters do? They got me drunk and tricked me into going to a bar. I completely forgot about the media fast. Not so much that I turned on my phone but I forgot about the music in the bar. And I didn’t remember until we walked through the door and I yelled “OH GOD! MUSIC! I CANT HAVE IT!.” But we were there and there was nothing I could do about it. I don’t remember a lot after that. Evidently I lamented all night about how I was going to fail my assignment and my teacher was going to hate me. What can I say; I have a flair for the dramatics. When we got home, I had my friend turn on my phone for me and set an alarm because I had to work in the morning. She told me I had a text from the boy I like and evidently I yelled “I CANT LOOK AT IT TODAY”. Obviously I was trying to take this assignment seriously but I was failing miserably.

-The Next Day-

The last leg of the 24 hours was no problem. I woke up before my alarm and turned my phone back off. Got ready for work and left my phone in the car again. But the time I got off work the fast was over. I had 4 voicemails and 12 texts.


To say I hated not having my phone would be an understatement. I can do just fine with out the computer, and TV and books, but need my cell phone. I don’t need the Facebook or twitter on my phone, just the texting and phone calls. I would even be okay with just phone calls.

I see how effected I am by media and honestly don’t think I’m some one who is dependent on it. I agree that people need to be more unplugged and learn how to operate outside of technology.


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I am From

I am From

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February 15, 2013 · 6:10 pm

This Week..

Since I missed last week, this will be my first reflection.

This week in class we took a look at audio sampling. We compared analog Vs. Digital. I honestly had not thought that much about it. I know I had heard music enthusiasts complain how digital doesn’t capture the fullness of the music and it leaves something to be desired. I understand now that capturing music digitally is like trying to turn a circle into a square. Its the same concept. A lot of ground is covered but since your cutting corners, you aren’t getting all of it



This week I had a lot of fun with my daily creates. The renaming of a movie poster was Hilarious. The hardest part for me was picking which movie to do! The one someone did about “The regular sized mermaid” cracked me up. I personally chose to do the “Drive” movie poster. I chose it for several reasons. One because of the layout, it was easy for me to edit out the tittle so I could insert my own. The other reason I chose that movie was because I couldnt get over how everyone said it was a great movie. When I watched it couldn’t get over Ryan Goslings terrible acting. I am a Gosling fan so its hard for me to say that but the WHOLE time he was Awkward. The way he stared at people and didn’t speak was so weird and then he some how got close to his neighbor. So I renamed the movie poster “The Awkward Neighbor”.

I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of twitter. I have made a few tweets but I am doing it all from my phone so maybe I am not getting the full effect of the application. Also I discovered all my tweets are ridiculous. Ha!

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