My 10 Daily Sounds

For this assignment I was supposed to record 10 sounds from my every day life.

I found this very challenging. My first thought was, my life isn’t interesting enough to record. What sounds do mean? So put it in the front my mind and went about my day and tried to make note of sounds around. I had a small recorder but I didn’t have the cord to attach it to my computer so i resolved to just use the mic on my laptop. My laptop has been my most essential digital media tool through out the years. I really don’t give it enough credit.

So the first sound i noticed was my clocks. I want a clock in every room in my house. Part of my control issues. i like to keep a close watch on time. but if you hold still, you can hear 5 clocks all ticking away at the same time. And once you hear it, its hard to UN-hear.

The next sound I heard was a noise everyone hears everyday. The Toilet. Like most people, I do my best thinking in the bathroom.

The next sound that I came across was my own Text noise. It was the next noise I heard because duh, who doesn’t text on the toilet. If you say you don’t, YOU’RE LYING!

I do this thing when I am alone. If I’m thinking and i have an “AH-HA” moment, I snap my fingers. I try not to do it in public. People look at me funny. So of course while I’m thinking of sounds, the next sound I hear is me snapping.

Then I did the dished. Lots of sound there.

Im one of those people who loses her keys a lot. Im just never thinking about them when i set them down so I can never remember where they are. I need a key bowl or a hook or something. So finding my keys is a typical sound.

I got one of those K-cup coffee pots for Christmas. I love it! Its not a quite coffee pot by any means, but I just can get over the convenience of it.

I have a pretty large shoe collection. Granted I don’t wear heels EVERYDAY, the sound of them on my wood floor is pretty typical.

And if I’m wearing heels, there is a good chance wine is involved. And sometimes beer.

Another sound I hear everyday is my neighbors dogs barking all the damn time. but i didnt feel right walking up to their cage to record them barking. Also I would have looked like a HUGE weirdo to my neighbor.




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